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  • Masters in Music Performance
  • Performs regularly around Los Angeles
  • Leader and founder of The Evanston Jazz Project

Piano and Guitar teacher in Los Angeles and Culver City

Looking for a "guitar teacher near me?" Meet Steven, our talented teacher based here in Los Angeles.

In 2010, Steven moved to Chicago and studied with guitarist Tony Do Rosario. After moving back to southern California, Steven received a Masters in Music Performance from the University of Redlands.

Upon graduating Steven moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing his career. While in L.A. he formed the rock group, The Quixotes. The Quixotes have performed all over LA and the Sunset Strip. As a jazz and rock guitarist Steven has enjoyed opening for many musical groups.

Steven is extremely patient and a very caring instructor. He teaches all the basics of music and is very passionate about his craft. If you're looking for a kind teacher for guitar lessons, Steven is the instructor for you.


"I’m an adult student who was nervous about taking piano again after decades away from it. Steven is the perfect teacher for me — incredibly patient, supportive, and low-key — and I can tell that he’s great with the young students scheduled before and after me. I look forward to my weekly lessons and am even getting a lot of pleasure out of practicing every day. Who knew!?” — Mary M.