Tuition includes one lesson a week, with the exception of holidays. Tuition is based on 45 lessons per year, however the amount of lessons per month may vary. Some months will have 5 lessons, and others may have less due to holidays and closures. Tuition is fixed and remains the same regardless if it is a 5 week month, or less.

Tuition is not adjusted for missed or canceled lessons. No partial refunds will be given. Our current tuition rates are posted on our website and openly available upon request.


Tuition is billed on a class package basis. Either 4 classes/month or 8 classes/month.

Tuition is not adjusted for missed or canceled lessons. Lessons cannot be discontinued in the middle of a billing cycle. You may gift any unused lessons to a sibling, friend, or family member. No partial refunds will be given.

An annual enrollment fee of $55 per private student occurs every January, this covers prizes, ribbons, trophies, admin costs, and any books or music purchased for the student. If you are signing up for lessons past the first month of the year, a prorated enrollment fee will be included during sign-up. If enrollment fees are not collected during your first payment, they may be added to your consecutive bill or charged separately.

All billing is on auto-pay. You are not signed up until we take payment for your first lessons and save your card on file.


If payment is not received on your billing date, your spot may be given away to another student on our waiting list.


Your spot will be given away to another student on our waiting list if payment is not received on your billing date.


Flat-rate Tuition Explained

No partial refunds will be given.



Lessons are given at the same time & date each week. If you need to permanently change your lesson time and day, you must give us 24 hour notice so we can find a new time for your weekly lessons.
No partial refunds will be given for missed or cancelled lessons.


Private Lessons: Make-up lessons are given as a group study hall on the last Sunday & Saturday of every month. Please give us 24 hour notice if you'd like to attend a make-up class as seating is limited. 


Group Class/Rock Band/Lil' Rockers/Lil Mozarts: No make ups are given for missing class.


Private In-Home Lessons: 24 hour notice must be given. If your teacher's schedule permits, a make up class can be rescheduled within two weeks of your missed lesson. If not lessons are available you may attend the group make up class on the last Saturday or Sunday of the month.

Tuition is not adjusted for missed or canceled lessons. No partial refunds or credits will be given for missed or cancelled lessons.
If your regular teacher is unable to make your lesson, a qualified substitute teacher will be provided. The chance to study with another teacher will benefit each student as all teachers have their own unique personalities and teaching styles.
All of our teachers are familiar with studio practices and policies and will make lessons fun and engaging, ensure that the students learn a song of their choice, and implement fun motivational programs like music money and games.
We have seen the benefits of this experience over the last 24 years of teaching.
If you would rather not have the lesson with the substitute lesson, then you are forfeiting the class and no make up options will be given. Our billing and attendance policies still apply.



To discontinue lessons and payments, the front desk (not your teacher) needs to be notified 14 days before your next billing date. Lessons cannot be discontinued in the middle of a billing cycle. No partial refunds will be given, however you may always gift these lessons to a family member or friend.


Students may pause their lessons for 30 or 60 days at a time for any reason by filling out this form. However kindly understand that your spot may be given away during your absence. If you discontinue lessons for more than 30 days at a time, you will be charged the yearly enrollment fee upon re-enrollment.


Teachers do not handle scheduling. All scheduling must be done through the studio.

You cannot cancel lessons or change lesson times through your teacher. Please contact the studio in writing if you would like to change your lesson time or day.

Phone: 747-200-5772
If you are contacting the school outside of these hours please leave a message and we will contact you the next day or the following Monday. If you are more than 30 minutes late for an hour long lesson, or 15 minutes late for a 30 minute lesson then you forfeit that lesson.
Three consecutive no shows will result in automatic termination of any further lessons.
For teacher's privacy, we do not give out their personal information.


Children must wait for their parents inside Tiffany Music Academy. Please do not have students meet you elsewhere.
Tiffany Music Academy assumes no responsibility for any student who is left at the school unattended and we encourage parents to stay at the school for the lesson time.
A $1.50 per minute late pickup fee will be assessed for all students picked up after their lesson time. This will automatically be charged to the card we have on file at the time of pick up. This will be strictly enforced, and habitual tardiness may result in termination of services.
Parents, legal guardians of minors and students waive the right to any legal action for injuries sustained on school property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by students, parents or their siblings before, during and after scheduled lesson times.
Tiffany Music Academy is not responsible for any damage or loss due to theft.
I understand that students may be photographed at Tiffany Music Academy during lessons, recitals, or activities. I understand that these photographs may be used in promotional materials.
I grant permission for the student's to be photographed, or their images recorded for print or electronic use in promoting the music school's services. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the studio in writing if I wish to not be included in promotional material. I agree that this will remain in effect during the term of student's enrollment. I understand that there will be no payment for me or my child’s participation in this release.