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Mommy and Me

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Lil' Mozarts - Mommy and Me Music Class

mommy and me class in los angeles

ages 0-3

Tiffany Music Acacemy has the perefct pair of music classes for babies and toddlers. Music helps little minds learn new words, colors, shapes and sounds while working on hand- eye coordination and sharing skills. Come to our mommy and me class and let your little one tire themselves out for nap time.

Mommy and Me Class

Class time: 45 min.


$100/month for 4 classes

$175/month for 8 classes

music lessons for toddlers

Lil' Rockers


ages 3-5

Lil' Rockers class is for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are ready to jam together as a band! This the perfect class for our young musicians, giving them the chance to explore all instruments and learn how to play together. Once you graduate from our Baby and me Class it's time to start learning songs with your band! In Lil' Rockers students work on one song together as a band. The rockers will get learn to play piano, drums, and master singing their song for their big performance! Students move on to learning a new song after their big show.

Class time: 45 min.


Rock Band
toddler drumming class