Local Music Class For Toddlers

Lil' Rockers


ages 3-5

Our music class for pre-schoolers is one of a kind and was developed to fill the gap between Baby and me Class and the leap to group/private lessons. Once you graduate from our Lil' Mozarts it's time to start learning songs with your band!


Lil' Rockers class is a great activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are interested in music. In Lil' Rockers students get the chance to explore all instruments and learn the basics of piano, drums, singing, and reading rhythm all while playing together as a band.


Students work on their listening skills, performing together as a band, and not touching each other. All their hard work culminates in their grand performance! Capes optional but highly suggested.


By the time they graduate from class, they will be ready for group class or private lessons - all while developing a life long appreciation for music!


Class time: 45 min.


pre-school music class
Music class for preschooler

We're ready to ROCK!