All levels, Ages 5 and up

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

Beginner drum lessons at Tiffany Music Academy begin as early as age 3. Our toddler class - Lil' Rockers, is the perfect entry point for young students. With a mix of various percussion instruments as well as a small scale drum kit, your tiny tapper will unlock the music within and have a blast while doing it!


For kids ages 6+, we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals. From day one, students will be behind a real drum kit! In addition, our main stage is the perfect venue for new drummers to flex their muscles with a live performance. With years of experience teaching drums in Los Angeles, our dedicated drum teachers make sure to educate beginner drum students in all the fundamentals - rhythm, groove, and dynamics.

Drum lessons for kids in Los Angeles

You Choose The Music You Want To Learn!


Our instructors have been teaching music in the Los Angeles area for many years. Our main goal in music education is to instill confidence in students. This way they believe in themselves and can take the stage!
For a complete education in drumming, students take the fundamentals: rhythm, feel, dynamics, patterns, and combine this training with a focus on any song they choose. You want to learn Nirvana or 21 Pilots? You got it! This method keeps students engaged in what they are learning.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to remind your kid to practice. We do all the work for you. With our Rhapsody Rewards and Proficiency Awards, students reach college level training and achieve their goals.


  • Improves rhythm and coordination
  • Changes brain structure and mental ability
  • Reduces stress and anxiety


Beginner Drumming Lessons for Adults

At Tiffany Music Academy, beginner drum lessons for adults are designed for musicians with little to no experience. Lessons are just as fun and rewarding as they are for kids. Live your rock and roll dream while mastering the songs you’ve been banging on your kitchen table since you were a child.

We teach adult drum lessons the same way as our drum lessons for kids. In your private lesson you’ll learn all the basics that make up an excellent drummer. Then when you are comfortable, you can join a band and take what you've learned and put it to the test with your band.

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Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

For intermediate to advanced drum students, our 14 tier curriculum builds upon the foundational skills and takes them to the professional level. Our Los Angeles drum teachers combine technique, theory, grooves, and tempo into each lesson, helping students with advanced drumming techniques, complex time signatures and finding a groove all their own. These advanced techniques will be put to the test as every drummer gets to perform live with musicians of the same caliber.