Building Confidence One Note At A Time


At Tiffany Music Academy, we've been teaching music lessons for over 25 years! We are passionate educators and are here to empower students to achieve their musical goals. Our programs utilize our time-tested curriculum along with our rewards programs, recitals, unique games, and dedicated teachers to get results.  Our goal is to help students build confidence through music - and have FUN while doing it!



We developed a 14 tier curriculum for piano, guitar, voice, and ukulele, designed to take a total beginner from level 0 to second year in college. Curated over the past 25 years, our curriculum provides all of our instructors with the guidance and tools to maintain consistency in lessons with the freedom to teach in their own unique styles. All lessons are curtailed to the students needs, age, abilities, and music that interests them.


At TMA we encourage all students to participate in our recitals and showcases. Even if a student has only been taking lessons for a few weeks, we support them if they decide to take to the stage. Demonstrating different stages of mastering your instrument is important at the performances.

Advanced students get invited to select showcases. This encourages beginners to work towards the goal of being asked to participate in the next big showcase.


TMA students get the opportunity to utilize special games that are only used at our school and are not available anywhere else. These games make learning exciting and motivating.  Students see them only as a game but teachers know that learning, review, and understanding are what the game is really accomplishing.


No matter where you are at in your musical journey we are here to support you. We have many different lesson options that support our students ranging in age, style, and abilities.

Don't own an instrument? No problem. We have classes where all practicing happens at class. As a student of TMA you are welcome to use our practice rooms for free anytime they are available. We also have instrument rentals available.

Tiffany Music Academy is the premier school in Los Angeles for piano lessons. Group classes are a great entry point to learning a new instrument. Just like you would with sports, art, and academics. Collaborative games foster community while teaching music. Private lessons are also an option. Our private piano lessons for kids and adults are designed to take students as far as they want to go!

Our guitar lessons for kids and adults are fun, engaging and rewarding. Beginner guitar students are paired up with qualified guitar instructors from the Los Angeles area. Our teachers have both experience and patience, but most of all they know how to motivate students to play guitar! Instructors lead students through the 14 tiers of curriculum, building technique and style along the way. You'll be playing on day one.

Tiffany Music Academy knows the unique challenges that come with learning to sing. Vocalist learn how to find their voice, utilize different tools, technique, and strengthen their voice.  All the while, choosing songs that highlight each singer's strengths. Want to sing in a choir? Join our Glee classes.

Drum lessons at Tiffany Music Academy begin as early as age 3 with our pre-school class - Lil' Rockers. Our expert drum teachers take the fundamentals of rhythm, groove and meter and combine this with any songs the student's wish to play.

Our violin lessons for kids and adults include classical instruction and songs of the student's choosing. Violin students learn the songs they love while moving to more advanced techniques and progressing through our 14 tiered curriculum.

Our ukulele lessons are incredibly fun and rewarding for both kids and adults. These classes are recommended for anyone under the age of 9 who still wants to play guitar. This tiny instrument is the perfect starter for beginning guitar students. Learn your favorite pop songs and more.

It's never too young to start! We have two music programs designed for babies and pre-schoolers. Lil' Mozarts get babies dancing, singing, and playing and touching all the instruments. Lil' Rockers is the next step for your little one. In this class they learn the basics of keyboard, drums, singing, and reading rhythms. They learn to play together as a band...yes, for real. It's beyond adorable.