All levels, Ages 9 and up

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At Tiffany Music Academy we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids ages 9 + and for adults. Our guitar instructors have years of experience teaching music in the Los Angeles area. They know how to motivate students of any skill level to play guitar.
Guitar lessons at TMA are a little different than other guitar lessons in Los Angeles. At our music school we have one of a kind games, Rhapsody Rewards, Proficiency awards, Wall of Progress, and numerous live performance opportunities.

With over 10 chances to perform a year, you won't have to remind your kids to practice. We do all the work for you!

guitar lessons in los angeles

Our goal is to help each student build confidence so they believe in themselves. The confidence it takes our students to perform for their friends and family is what prepares them for the next step in life.

You Choose The Music You Want To Learn!


In private lessons, students learn all the fundamentals of music specific to the guitar: technique, theory, picking, reading, and combine that training with songs of the student's choosing.

You want to learn Nirvana or Ed Sheeran? You got it! This method keeps students engaged in what they are learning.


  • Prevents memory loss
  • Music is Math
  • Requires focus and patience


Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults
It's never too late to learn to play the guitar. Our private beginner guitar lessons for adults, teach you everything you need to know to play with confidence. In group class we get you jamming with others right off the bat.

Advanced Lessons Vocal Coach College Prep

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

After gaining certain skills and performance experience, students continue on track to the next stage of their guitar instruction. At Tiffany Music Academy our teachers have extensive performance experience and know what it takes to get advanced guitar students to the pro level.
With these advanced skills come more challenging programs. Tiffany Music Academy offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults and adapts each lesson to meet the student's goals and needs!