Group Classes

Class length: 60 min.





Group class is where beginner students thrive! Just like signing up for soccer, gymnastics, or dance class, a group environment is how all beginner musicians should start.

We recommend that all beginners start with our group class. As students become more advanced and reach an intermediate level, then they move on to private lessons. In our 24 years of teaching this has been the best path, leading to happy results and music for a life time.

With a maximum of five students per class, our teachers are able to focus on the needs of individual students, while giving students a chance to experience the thrill of playing alongside new friends.

Erica Guitar

At Tiffany Music Academy, we recommend that all beginner students start with group classes. Once students reach an intermediate level they move on to private lessons. We are unlike any other school providing group music lessons in Los Angeles since we've been developing our curriculum and unique games for over 24 years.


Our teachers have many years of experience teaching music in the Los Angeles area, and know how to motivate students of any skill level to reach their goals. Don't worry, you won't be reminding them to practice. We do all the work for you! Our goal is to instill confidence in students so they believe in themselves and can take the stage. This confidence and sense of community prepares students for their future.

You Choose The Music You Want To Learn!

In our classes we teach all the fundamentals of music: technique, theory, reading, and combine that training with current songs of the student's choosing. You want to learn T. Swift? You got it! This method keeps students engaged and inspires them. With our Rhapsody Rewards and Proficiency Awards, students reach college level training and reach their goals.




  • 60 minute class as opposed to 30 minute private lesson.


  • Many students learn better in groups.


  • Getting comfortable in groups develops student's confidence and public speaking skills.


  • Students get the opportunity to regularly play in front of other people.


  • Students play group games, collaborate, and socialize with one another.


  • There’s more of a sense of accountability and healthy competition.

All students can expect one-on-one coaching from our instructors.


Have a learning pod? Let us know and we can schedule a class just for your pod!

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