Private music lessons


Private Music Lessons

Class length:

30 min.   $235/month

60 min.   $395/month

It's time to start your musical journey! Are you interested in private music lessons? Our teachers are patient, understanding, and here to guide you along your musical journey!


Most of our beginners start with our group class. As students become more skilled and reach intermediate to advanced levels, they are encouraged to pursue private lessons. In our 24 years of teaching this has been the best path, leading to happy results and music for a life time.

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In private music lessons, teachers are able to focus on the needs of the individual student. Students in these classes focus on passing their proficiency awards and moving on to much more advanced theory.


Instructors at Tiffany Music Academy teach all the fundamentals of music. At the same time all of our students choose the songs they want to learn. No matter what it is - we can help you learn your favorite song!

Private music lessons in los angeles

Private music lessons are strongly encouraged for intermediate to advanced students only. Beginner students have a better experience and a more enjoyable start to their musical journey when they sign up for group class first. Students in group classes move on to private lessons once they reach an intermediate level.

Along with all of our standard teaching techniques we use lots of games hand crafted by our teachers. Along with our many different variety of flashcards we have lots of games, incentives, and performance opportunities.

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  • More focus on passing proficiency awards.


  • More advanced pieces and theory.



  • Beginner students have more enjoyable experience in group class.


  • Intermediate and advanced students get the focus they need in private lessons.
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