At Tiffany Music Academy, we've been teaching music lessons for over 25 years! We are passionate educators here to empower students to achieve their musical goals. Our programs utilize our time-tested curriculum along with our rewards programs, recitals and one-of-a-kind in house games to get results.  Our goal is to help students build confidence and gain success through music - and have FUN while doing it!

Piano Lessons

Tiffany Music Academy is the premier school in Los Angeles for piano lessons. Our curriculum and unique games have been crafted to meet the needs of every student. Our piano lessons for kids and adults are designed to help students get results and have fun!


Our guitar lessons for kids and adults are fun, engaging and rewarding. We select only the top guitar instructors in the Los Angeles area who have both experience and patience. They know how to motivate students of any skill level to play guitar.

voice lessons

Tiffany Music Academy knows the unique challenges that come with learning to sing. Through a combination of weekly one-on-one lessons & band rehearsals, vocalist learn how to find their voice - choosing songs that highlight each singer's strengths.


Drum lessons at Tiffany Music Academy begin as early as age 3 with our toddler class - Lil' Drummers. Our expert drum teachers take the fundamentals of rhythm, groove and meter and combine this with any songs the student's wish to play.

violin lessons

Our violin lessons for kids and adults include private music lessons once a week. Violin students learn the songs they love while moving to more advanced techniques.


Our ukulele lessons are incredibly fun and rewarding for both kids and adults. This tiny instrument is the perfect starter for almost any age  Learn your favorite pop songs and perform live in front of a crowd.

mommy and me class in los angeles

It's never too young to start! We have three music programs designed for babies and toddlers. Each class features games, playful activities, and dance time!