• Principal horn at Bulgarian State Opera
  • Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway, New England Conservatory of Music, University of Kansas School of Music
  • Performed at Jordan Hall, Whisky, and throughout Europe

Piano, guitar, french horn, songwriting, brass, voice, accordion lessons in Los Angeles


Breanna is a multi-instrumentalist who has enjoyed an international career. An artist raised in the classical world she was released into the universe of song-writing and indie pop. She's performed with numerous groups. These include the Grammy-nominated chamber orchestra A Far Cry, the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.


Breanna has enjoyed weaving in and out of various genres. Many of these include jazz-rock, indie pop, classical, and traditional accordion. She is currently working on her first EP.


Besides her extreme talent on multiple instruments, Breanna has an acute way of explaining the concepts of music education. She understands how to break down theory and technique, taking her students to the next level. This gives a tremendous sense of accomplishment to her students and inspires them. Piano lessons with Bre cover all the fundamentals of music but also branch out into many different genres. As a teacher, she hopes to instill in her students an insatiable curiosity for both music and the world. Hoping that they may thrive and flourish however life will lead them.




"...I'm having a great time with Bre. She's moved me on to classical music which I haven't tackled in a while. I really look forward to my lessons with her...” — Jim B.