Giving Back

We're in business to spread happiness through music

Whether you perform live, for yourself, are just starting your musical education, or are an avid listener, we all can agree that music is an essential part of life. We want students of all levels and areas of our community to be able to express themselves and apply the concepts they learn in music lessons- trying again, meeting goals, and being confident, to all aspects of their daily lives.


At Tiffany Music Academy we believe that everyone should have equal access to a great musical education. Our Music in the Classroom enables us to reach students in schools who otherwise would not have access to music education.


Music has been used as therapy for years and by partnering with Kaiser Hospital we are able to contribute a little peace of mind to those who get a chance to hear our vibes!

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Music in the Classroom

Giving music to those without

Everyone always asks "What's the best age to start lessons?" Our response has been, "Ages 5 or 6." So why is it that these formative years are overlooked in school? The simple answer is art and music are always the first programs to be cut in schools. Who can blame them when most can't afford to have a school nurse on staff.


Most public schools do not offer music classes and none offer music classes to students K-2. Upon realizing this we decided to give these students the opportunity to learn and perform!


For our program, Music In The Classroom, we introduce student K-2 to music, rhythms, beats, pitches and more.


Our teachers explain the different elements of the guitar, piano, and percussion instruments. All students are invited to take a turn and play each instrument. We encourage students to perform and guide them while playing and singing together as they jam as a band. Within minutes everyone is rocking' out!


Want us at your school? Let us know and we'll send you more information.

Harrison at Kaiser

Music at Kaiser Hospital

Relaxing the mind and body through trying times


We believe everyone should be offered the opportunity to take a moment and just breath. Coping with daily stressors, busy schedules, and pressure from the work day can be over whelming. That's why we have joined forces with Kaiser Hospital to offer a little r&r. For our program at Kaiser Hospital we provide hours of entertainment out on the patio for patients, vendors, family & friends, and doctors.


There is no better way to relieve anxiety than through music. Our teachers perform anything from pop hits to jazz classics for all people passing by. We've noticed that many patients stop by for a listen right before going in to surgery and doctors take a break to listen too!

Nothing warms our hearts more than reading the Thank Yous!