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  • Bachelors in Contemporary Writing & Production
  • Berklee Achievement Scholarship recipient
  • Associate Diploma in Piano Performance, Trinity College London
  • Music producer for Beyonce’s Original All-Female Band
  • Score producer for the documentary, “M for Malaysia”

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, and Singing lessons in Beverly Hills

Louisa is a piano teacher who also teaches  guitar and voice lessons. When her parents noticed her interest in music, they enrolled her in a music school for gifted kids. Louisa was only four years old and her passion her passion for music grew. Later on Louisa studied composition and graduate from Berklee College of Music.

Because of her talents, Louisa has many achievements. These honors include performing for pianist Richard Clayderman and singing with Chris Tomlin. Not only is she a talented musician but also a skilled band leader. Her band has been featured in one of China’s biggest music festival, “JZ Festival” in Shanghai, 2017.

Louisa has been teaching music for 9 years and has a strong passion for encouraging others. Louisa helps student’s reach their full potential and believes that having confidence is key. With confidence students can take on new challenges.

Louisa is frequently a guest speaker at summer camp and has been known to lead students in sing-a-longs. She has the ability to figure out most songs by ear. While students shout out song names, Louisa figures them out in a matter of seconds.

Louisa- piano teacher in Beverly Hills.


“Couldn’t be happier with how I’m progressing. Each week I learn something new and can’t wait for the new Beatles song.” Jessica T.