violin lessons for kids



  • Bachelor's in Music Education
  • California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music
  • Teaching for over 10 years

Violin lessons in Los Angeles and Rancho Palos Verdes


Frances is a professional violinist and pianist based in Los Angeles, California who describes herself as a "classically trained violinist who loves to rock and play pop music." She started learning piano at the age of 5 before starting violin at the age of 10, finding the most enjoyment playing non-classical genres throughout her childhood. Frances has been teaching violin lessons for over ten years, developing her pedagogy through private and group lessons. After high school she received her bachelor's in music education at California State University, Los Angeles.


Frances is a very caring instructor. She genuinely wants to know what student's are up to in their every day lives. She knows that a structured lesson, emphasizing goal setting, is the most efficient process for achieving optimal results. Not only does Frances love seeing her student excel but she also wants them to be able to apply what they learn in music to any other subject in their life.


Her philosophy of music education is that while most students will not pursue music, as a career, the skills and humanity of learning music will live on in their minds and souls.  She believes the purpose of creating music is to bring more happiness and beauty to the world. The goal of music education is not to produce top musicians, but caring musicians.


"My daughter can't wait to see her violin teacher each week. Her lessons are very well thought out but at the same time she keeps the lessons fun.” — Miranda H.